Alexandra Lange
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Meet Me by the Fountain in the news

I’ve been so gratified by the initial response to Meet Me by the Fountain. Reviewers, interviewers, audience members and podcasters are getting what I was trying to do with the book as a whole, and enjoying the numerous quirky personalities and details encountered during the mall’s 70-year lifespan.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favorites from the last two weeks.
And there’s more to come!

Carolina Miranda in the Los Angeles Times: How to make malls great again

Kristen Martin in The Atlantic: The Most American Form of Architecture Isn’t Going Anywhere

Aryn Braun in The Economist: Alexandra Lange explores the history of American malls

Olly Wainwright in The Guardian: ‘Those bastard developments’ — why the inventor of the shopping mall denounced his dream

CBC Spark: How malls and freeways helped segregate America

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