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Architecture & design critic

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12 Jun 2024 Immersive Museum Exhibits for Kids Know How to Compete With Screens CityLab
21 May 2024 Goddess of Small Things Herman Miller Ideas
15 May 2024 Headspace August Journal
27 Apr 2024 Swing Sets Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore CityLab
23 Mar 2024 How Design Promotes Better Mental Health for Children CityLab
6 Mar 2024 Buildings Speak The Kitchen Sisters
26 Feb 2024 Color Games Patterns+Insights
29 Jan 2024 As Necessary As Food Landscape Architecture Magazine
27 Jan 2024 How to Save Corporate Modernist Architecture CityLab
6 Dec 2023 Spheres, Jeers & Cheers: It’s the 2023 Architecture and Design Awards Medium
5 Dec 2023 Teens need malls. Malls need crowds. Why are they pushing kids away? The Guardian US
19 Nov 2023 Toronto’s Answer to Hudson Yards Looks a Lot Like a Mall CityLab
25 Sep 2023 Downtown Brooklyn Gets the Gotham City Treatment CityLab
25 Sep 2023 Love and Lattes DIRT
31 Aug 2023 Some Old-Fashioned Home-Design Manuals Are Worth Revisiting New York Times
2 Aug 2023 Decoding Barbie’s Radical Pose New Yorker
25 Jun 2023 Malls across the U.S. transforming amid rise of e-commerce NBC Nightly News
13 Jun 2023 Review: Alexandra Lange on Danish Modern Book Post
10 Jun 2023 A Sherbet-Colored Experiment in Cohousing Outside of Boston CityLab
22 May 2023 For a Selfie (and Enlightenment), Make a Pilgrimage to Bridge No. 3 Untapped Journal
10 May 2023 What New York’s Cave-Like Natural History Museum Misses About Nature CityLab
20 Apr 2023 The Cannabis Edible Goes Mainstream New Yorker
19 Apr 2023 The Art We Must Live With: Ada Louise Huxtable and Architecture Criticism New Angle: Voice
12 Apr 2023 Where Did All the Malls Go? With Jonathan Van Ness Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
9 Mar 2023 The Interior Lives of Black Homes New York Times
20 Feb 2023 Dansk and the Promise of a Simple Scandinavian Life New Yorker
3 Feb 2023 I'll Miss You, Design Bots Curbed
16 Dec 2022 Santa Claus, the Spirit of the Mall, Is Back CityLab
5 Dec 2022 Mask Optional! It's the 2022 Architecture + Design Awards Medium
16 Oct 2022 The Brooklyn Condominium That’s Reinventing Outdoor Common Space CityLab
23 Aug 2022 Exposing the messy, technologized, and undervalued nature of reproductive labor MIT Technology Review
26 Jul 2022 Decoder Ring: The Mall is Dead (Long Live the Mall) Slate
23 Jul 2022 Meeting Zombies by the fountain: George Romero's shopping mall Recessed Space
19 Jul 2022 99PI: 99% Vernacular 99 Percent Invisible
22 Jun 2022 How the New York Loft Reclaimed Industrial Grit as Urban Luxury CityLab
16 Jun 2022 Why Do Teens Perpetually Love Shopping Malls? Literary Hub
14 Jun 2022 99PI: Meet Us by the Fountain 99 Percent Invisible
8 Jun 2022 Get In, We’re Going to Save the Mall New York Times
7 Jun 2022 “A Resource of Semi-Public Community Space” Common Edge
3 Jun 2022 Lessons From the Golden Age of the Mall Walkers CityLab
29 Apr 2022 The Future of Public Parks New Yorker
5 Apr 2022 99PI: Murder Most Fowl 99 Percent Invisible
28 Mar 2022 A Bookstore Revival Channels Nostalgia for Big Box Chains CityLab
23 Mar 2022 Breaking the Mold Kazam!
16 Mar 2022 Helen Fong, Norma Sklarek + Florence Knoll Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation
22 Feb 2022 Everyone Can Be Liz Taylor on Jewelry Instagram New Yorker
16 Feb 2022 Natalie de Blois: To Tell the Truth Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation
1 Feb 2022 The Shopping-Mall Legacy of a Mid-Century Sculptor CityLab
4 Jan 2022 Buildings Don't Have To Be Bird-Killers CityLab
21 Dec 2021 Keep Your Damn Mask On! It’s the 2021 Architecture and Design Awards Medium
8 Dec 2021 A Hollywood Agent's Jaw-Dropping Desert Home Comes Into Cinematic Focus Elle Decor
29 Nov 2021 What would a city “designed with care” look like? Marketplace
19 Nov 2021 The Women Behind Historic House Designs CityLab
4 Nov 2021 What It Means to Design a Space for ‘Care’ CityLab
28 Oct 2021 Celebrating a Phoenix of a Home in Los Angeles New York Times
8 Sep 2021 How To Remember Minoru Yamasaki’s Twin Towers CityLab
4 Sep 2021 A Bunch of MOTHERS! Designing Motherhood
1 Sep 2021 Department Stores Reborn in a Post-Pandemic World Bloomberg Businessweek
19 Aug 2021 In a Warming World, Consider the Mist Garden CityLab
23 Jul 2021 That Cardboard Bed Was Supposed to Be a Utopia Curbed
15 Jul 2021 The Urbanist: The Summer of Play The Urbanist
15 Jul 2021 The Lesson of Little Island: Less Is More CityLab
28 May 2021 Teen Girls Need Better Public Spaces to Hang Out CityLab
3 May 2021 Let’s Declare This the Summer of Play CityLab
26 Apr 2021 The Open-Plan Office Was an Auditory Disaster New York Magazine
22 Apr 2021 Colossal Ambition Elle Decor
29 Mar 2021 How to Save (and Live in) a Masterpiece of Modern Design Town & Country
13 Mar 2021 Going to School in a Dead Mall? Not Such a Bad Idea. Curbed
5 Jan 2021 Back In Shape Elle Decor
28 Dec 2020 Mask Up! It’s the 2020 Architecture and Design Awards Medium
10 Dec 2020 What money can’t buy Washington Post
27 Nov 2020 The Unbearable Banality of Romance Novel Décor Slate
24 Nov 2020 Where the Teens Are Hanging Out in Quarantine CityLab
20 Nov 2020 Hideous? Perhaps. But It’s Time to Accept the Gaming Chair. Curbed
16 Oct 2020 Your Quarantine Clutter Has a Long and Distinguished History Curbed
16 Jul 2020 New York Needs to Rethink Time, Not Space, To Reopen Curbed
16 Jun 2020 99PI: Instant Gramification 99 Percent Invisible
23 Mar 2020 The Aspirational Fantasy of the Perfect Playroom Jezebel
21 Mar 2020 Future's Past: The historical experiments of Teo Yang Ursula
20 Mar 2020 Coronavirus Will Change the World. Here’s How. POLITICO
5 Feb 2020 Design competitions won’t solve your city’s problems Curbed
26 Dec 2019 The decade in architecture: The good, the bad, and the capitalism Curbed
22 Dec 2019 Transformed by Mexico, Six Women Broke Barriers Between Art and Design New York Times
20 Dec 2019 New York City’s two biggest design stories of 2019 are also design failures Curbed
4 Dec 2019 Book Review: The $17 Million Dollar People Trap Book Post
2 Dec 2019 A maximalist designer brings ‘organized chaos’ to an Angelino Heights Victorian Curbed
20 Nov 2019 Looking at Where Chicago Works New York Times
15 Nov 2019 Edward Norton on 'Motherless Brooklyn' and the complicated legacy of Robert Moses Curbed
22 Oct 2019 La Korman House di Louis Kahn Casa Vogue
21 Oct 2019 Navigating the new MoMA Curbed
9 Oct 2019 State Rooms for Shitty Behavior Curbed
4 Oct 2019 Cas Holman’s Search for the Ideal Playground New Yorker
1 Oct 2019 Skateboarding in Style New York Times
1 Oct 2019 Brutalism Springs Eternal in Morocco New York Times
30 Sep 2019 Who’s afraid of the pedestrian mall? Curbed
20 Sep 2019 How to Fix Polarization: Get Politicians Out of Cars Politico
7 Sep 2019 Is Instagram Ruining Architecture? New York Times
22 Aug 2019 Rem Koolhaas is the real diva Curbed
13 Aug 2019 What ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette?’ meant to me as a woman in architecture Curbed
1 Aug 2019 The Big Little Lie of the TV kitchen island Curbed
11 Jul 2019 Let Christopher Alexander design your life Curbed
26 Jun 2019 New York City is a mall Curbed
26 Jun 2019 Self-Driving Kids The War on Cars
11 Jun 2019 Natural wonder Curbed
6 Jun 2019 Virginia McAlester is the most popular architecture writer in America Curbed
25 May 2019 Can Data Be Human? The Work of Giorgia Lupi New Yorker
24 May 2019 Was the Founder of the Bauhaus a Doctrinaire Bore or a Brilliant Innovator? New York Times
15 May 2019 Masters of Modern Design: The Art of the Japanese American Experience KCET Artbound
9 May 2019 An Apartment Bursting With Fruit Flavor New York Times
24 Apr 2019 How fashion designers are blurring the lines between runways and art galleries Washington Post Magazine
23 Apr 2019 Play Mountain 99 Percent Invisible
17 Apr 2019 SERIOCOMIC (16): Betty (Archie) HILOBROW
9 Apr 2019 Froebel's Gifts 99 Percent Invisible
8 Apr 2019 LACMA should scrap its watered-down redesign Curbed LA
3 Apr 2019 Celebrating six trailblazing Bauhaus women Curbed
15 Mar 2019 At Hudson Yards, the future isn’t now Curbed
7 Mar 2019 A Redux for Marguerita Mergentime New York Times
6 Mar 2019 Overlooked No More: Julia Morgan, Pioneering Female Architect New York Times
5 Mar 2019 Arata Isozaki won the 2019 Pritzker Prize Curbed
4 Feb 2019 All Knit Up in Sweater Instagram New Yorker
24 Jan 2019 Why U.S. cities should stop whining and embrace winter Curbed
1 Jan 2019 The Tetrahedron and the Prism August Journal
27 Dec 2018 2018 in architecture: The good, the bad, and the urbanism Curbed
20 Dec 2018 Critical Eye: A year in review Curbed
28 Nov 2018 What We’ve Learned from Dieter Rams, and What We’ve Ignored New Yorker
21 Nov 2018 How the Family Room Went Public WHY Herman Miller
20 Nov 2018 Building your values Curbed
9 Nov 2018 Every City Should Have a Toy Library The Atlantic
1 Nov 2018 A museum grows in Houston Curbed
25 Sep 2018 Amy Fusselman reviews The Design of Childhood Metropolis
24 Sep 2018 Well played 1843 Magazine
12 Sep 2018 Is America’s densest city ready to make room? Curbed
29 Aug 2018 From schools to sand piles Los Angeles Times
28 Aug 2018 The Summer Idyll of Free-Range Children Could Last All Year New Yorker
13 Aug 2018 How Kids Learn to Navigate the City (and the World), in Five Designs CityLab
9 Aug 2018 Meet the Hunters Curbed
18 Jul 2018 How not to cheat children: Let them build their own playgrounds Curbed
12 Jul 2018 Concrete utopia: What does our love of brutalist buildings say about us? Curbed
1 Jul 2018 Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: A Close Look at Where Kids Live, Learn and Play New York Times
28 Jun 2018 Gateway to what? Curbed
15 Jun 2018 An Intellectual History of the Sandbox Slate
14 Jun 2018 Skymall Curbed
9 Jun 2018 Century-Old Decisions That Impact Children Every Day NPR
7 Jun 2018 The Magic of a Cardboard Box New York Times
4 Jun 2018 The Hidden Women of Architecture and Design New Yorker
26 May 2018 FLAIR: Bead Necklace PROJECT:OBJECT
24 May 2018 Young adult architecture Curbed
17 May 2018 Lessons from LA’s 1984 Summer Olympics Curbed
19 Apr 2018 The Woman Who Gave the Macintosh a Smile New Yorker
19 Apr 2018 The end of the architect profile Curbed
5 Apr 2018 Spy Kids Curbed
22 Mar 2018 What does a presidential building look like? Curbed
8 Mar 2018 ‘Black Mirror’ meets HGTV, and a new genre, home design horror, is born Curbed
8 Mar 2018 Natalie de Blois: a pioneer of postwar corporate modernism Curbed
22 Feb 2018 Why SOM’s modernist Union Carbide building is worth saving Curbed
15 Feb 2018 Malls and the future of American retail Curbed
1 Feb 2018 Why postmodernism is the palate cleanser we need Curbed
19 Jan 2018 The women designers who made Herman Miller furniture shine Curbed
18 Jan 2018 Design within reach Curbed
10 Jan 2018 8 buildings we think should get the AIA’s 25-year award Curbed
18 Dec 2017 2017 in architecture: The good, the bad, and the pink Curbed
14 Dec 2017 Apple Park: The one that got away Curbed
14 Dec 2017 NYC Best New Architecture of 2017 Curbed
7 Dec 2017 No loitering, no skateboarding, no baggy pants Curbed
5 Dec 2017 The Slide-Show Epiphanies of Vincent Scully New Yorker
22 Nov 2017 These are the best scissors I’ve ever owned Curbed
21 Nov 2017 Judging a book by its cover Curbed
31 Oct 2017 Are we having fun yet? Curbed
25 Oct 2017 The Track Pants I Copied From a World-Famous Architect Racked
24 Oct 2017 Eavesdropping on the design icons who made Washington’s Metro Curbed
20 Oct 2017 Have you hugged a geode today? Curbed
29 Sep 2017 MoMA Makes A List of Iconic Fashion "Items" New Yorker
22 Sep 2017 The A-frame effect Curbed
13 Sep 2017 Cornell Tech's new NYC campus puts sustainable architecture into practice Curbed
1 Sep 2017 How should we live (at college)? Curbed
19 Aug 2017 A Graphic Novel to Transform Teens Into City Planners New Yorker
16 Aug 2017 Gunnar Birkerts, postwar modernist, dies at 92 Curbed
21 Jul 2017 Hippie Modernism, Italian Style: Ettore Sottsass at 100 Curbed
19 Jul 2017 OMA's plan for the Albright-Knox chases the contemporary to the detriment of its past Curbed
7 Jul 2017 Organizing the World Curbed
23 Jun 2017 Jane Jacobs, Georgia O'Keeffe, and the Power of the Marimekko Dress New Yorker
13 Jun 2017 All About Frank Curbed
17 Apr 2017 Learning from Milan AUGUST
28 Feb 2017 In the Second Avenue Subway, art and architecture are at odds Curbed
10 Feb 2017 "Abstract: The Art of Design": Netflix series is fast, funny, and without critique Curbed
31 Jan 2017 The forgotten history of Japanese-American designers’ World War II internment Curbed
5 Jan 2017 What is Late Modernism? Curbed
23 Dec 2016 Celebrating a Rugged Vision of Landscape Architecture New York Times
14 Dec 2016 Year in review 2016: making architecture great again Curbed
1 Dec 2016 A journey to Isamu Noguchi's last work Curbed
18 Nov 2016 What It Would Take to Set American Kids Free New Yorker
17 Nov 2016 10 Things I learned at the Vanna Venturi House Curbed
3 Nov 2016 Maison de Verre, the other glass house Curbed
18 Oct 2016 The New York That Could Have Been New Yorker
4 Oct 2016 Jane Jacobs Was No Upstart Architect
19 Sep 2016 Darkness and light Curbed
14 Sep 2016 Diller Scofidio + Renfro, on the edge Curbed
31 Aug 2016 Richard Sapper's dark, alternate universe of tech design Curbed
15 Aug 2016 The Lowline is not a park Curbed
4 Aug 2016 The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas New York Times
29 Jul 2016 The 50 Percent Myth Curbed
26 Jul 2016 Curating the Immovable Disegno
5 Jul 2016 Farewell to the Four Seasons Curbed
30 Jun 2016 Ray Eames and the Art of Entertaining Curbed
23 Jun 2016 Manifold Garden: Inside the Architecture-Inspired New Video Game Curbed
15 Jun 2016 Here Comes Hilda New Yorker
26 May 2016 Garden Bridge v Pier 55: Why do New York and London think so differently? Guardian Cities
24 May 2016 Inside Louis Kahn Curbed
12 May 2016 A Tale of Two Lobbies Curbed
9 May 2016 Play Ground New Yorker
4 May 2016 Imagining Jane Jacobs Curbed
18 Apr 2016 Inside the Proposed Changes to the Landmarked Ford Foundation Curbed
13 Apr 2016 Touring Marcel Breuer's Bronx Community College Campus Curbed
1 Apr 2016 MoMA Offers Japanese Navigators in an Architectural Firmament New York Times
31 Mar 2016 Kiwi’s Big Holiday Curbed
31 Mar 2016 Architectural Renderings Are Probably Lying to You Curbed Appeal
7 Mar 2016 A Critic Looks at Calatrava's PATH Station WNYC
3 Mar 2016 Taking Stock of the New-Old Met Breuer Curbed
1 Mar 2016 Can "Taste" Be Unique? Curbed
26 Feb 2016 New Zealand's Rad Architecture in 46 Photos Curbed
26 Feb 2016 Aldo van Eyck, from Playground to Orphanage Curbed
22 Feb 2016 Speaking in Archemoji Curbed
20 Jan 2016 Save the Ambassador Grill! Curbed
13 Jan 2016 2016 Pritzker Prize Goes to Alejandro Aravena Curbed
15 Dec 2015 Architecture in 2015, A Year in Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Potato Chips Curbed
10 Dec 2015 The Tale of Two Modernist Libraries Architect
2 Dec 2015 Curbed Gift Guide: For Your Book-Loving Family Members Curbed
1 Dec 2015 Serious Fun WHY Herman Miller
16 Nov 2015 Detroit Distilled: How the City's Past Could Inspire Its Future Curbed
5 Nov 2015 David Adjaye Is Having A Moment: Will It Redefine Architecture? Curbed
27 Oct 2015 Noguchi in Suburbia Vs. Noguchi in Nature New Yorker
26 Oct 2015 Power Positions Dirty Furniture
15 Oct 2015 Frank Gehry's Los Angeles: A Retrospective in Buildings Curbed
14 Oct 2015 "Grace Farms is a trophy building, not a light-on-the-land wilderness retreat" Dezeen
1 Oct 2015 Modern Family: Louis Kahn, Revamped Departures
24 Sep 2015 LA's Broad Museum: A Downtown Destination Fit for the Instagram Age Curbed
21 Sep 2015 A Tour of NYC's Newest Subway Station With Its Architect Curbed
19 Sep 2015 Where do you take a New York design writer who's seen everything? Orange County Los Angeles Times
11 Sep 2015 Experiencing Architecture Through ‘Hippie Modernism’ New York Times
8 Sep 2015 Clark Art Institute: Contemporary Haven, But No Masterpiece Curbed
3 Sep 2015 "Let's stop acting like the wedge is not architecture" Dezeen
24 Aug 2015 Touring the Modern Architecture of Fire Island's Pines Curbed
6 Aug 2015 A Buffalo Case Study: Can Architecture Bring a City Back? Curbed
8 Jul 2015 The Brooklyn Bridge Deserves a Scenic View District of Its Own Curbed
2 Jul 2015 "Can Heatherwick produce architecture that is more than a gimmick or a gadget?" Dezeen
29 Jun 2015 Spotting Real-World Architecture in Monument Valley Curbed
17 Jun 2015 Maker culture has infiltrated Hollywood—but where are the girls? Quartz
15 Jun 2015 A Tour of Brooklyn's Best Vintage Typography Curbed
13 Jun 2015 A Moat? A Ditch? How To Secure The White House Grounds NPR
12 Jun 2015 Does the Hirshhorn Have Windows? The Museum Debates the New York Times Washington City Paper
5 Jun 2015 The Calligraphy Stars of Instagram New Yorker
5 Jun 2015 Seven Leading Architects Defend the World's Most Hated Buildings T Magazine
21 May 2015 Instagram Archi-tourism Superscript Reader
20 May 2015 Never-Loved Buildings Rarely Stand a Chance MAS Context
12 May 2015 "Women were unwelcome in architecture, but male architects couldn't live without them" Dezeen
8 May 2015 MoMA does Latin American architecture Los Angeles Times
6 May 2015 MoMA's Latin American Mea Culpa Architect
1 May 2015 Overwrought Shell Conceals Porous, Visitor-Friendly Design in Renzo Piano's New Whitney Museum Curbed
23 Apr 2015 Pier 55: Pocket Gadget, Meme-tecture, or Something More Nefarious? Curbed
2 Apr 2015 Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building Architect
24 Mar 2015 Instagram's Endangered Ephemera New Yorker
12 Mar 2015 New Wing at Corning Museum of Glass Invites the Light New York Times
6 Mar 2015 "Games that have withstood the fads of fashion and television should look like it" Dezeen
26 Feb 2015 Reducing Spectacular to Simple New York Times
15 Feb 2015 Philip Johnson's Not Glass Houses T Magazine
20 Jan 2015 "Was it too much to hope for first a woman and then a partnership?" Dezeen
25 Dec 2014 Stoking a California Dream New York Times
12 Dec 2014 The New Cooper Hewitt New Yorker
11 Dec 2014 Fifth-Annual Year-End Awards Design Observer
7 Dec 2014 High Designs New York Times Book Review
20 Nov 2014 Open With Care (for Nordic Design) New York Times
18 Nov 2014 Saving Buildings with Social Media New Yorker
17 Nov 2014 Blue is For Blondes Saturated Space
6 Nov 2014 "History does change perception." Dezeen
30 Oct 2014 Elsa or Else re:form
24 Oct 2014 The Past and Future of Cemeteries New Yorker
15 Oct 2014 The Great Playscapes WHY Herman Miller
2 Oct 2014 Houses Built on Gossamer Wings New York Times
29 Sep 2014 Recycle That Headquarters New Yorker
25 Sep 2014 In California, a Marriage of Dance and Design New York Times
23 Sep 2014 A Celebration of Silver New York Times
21 Sep 2014 Six points of viral architecture Dezeen
5 Sep 2014 Time for Strategic Architecture New York Times
15 Aug 2014 Just Add Water re:form
11 Aug 2014 The Mayor's Showroom New York Times
31 Jul 2014 "There's still one more park taboo to be broken." Dezeen
21 Jul 2014 Review: The Architecture of Paul Rudolph Architect
14 Jul 2014 Review: Radical Cities The Guardian
23 Jun 2014 "Making something big happen at an urban scale is more than a popularity contest." Dezeen
17 Jun 2014 Who Pays for the Picture? Harvard Design Magazine
9 Jun 2014 Glass House Stages Fujiko Nakaya's "Veil" Architect
27 May 2014 Why Charles Moore (Still) Matters Metropolis
20 May 2014 Still Too Soon: On the 9/11 Memorial Museum
13 May 2014 "3D printers have a lot to learn from the sewing machine" Dezeen
8 May 2014 Talking Pictures WHY Herman Miller
30 Apr 2014 Letter to the Mayor
8 Apr 2014 Lucia Eames, 1930-2014 Design Observer
28 Mar 2014 How to Fix New York City's Parks New Yorker
27 Mar 2014 "We need more museums that let us relax into knowledge" Dezeen
25 Mar 2014 Critics Roundtable: Pritzker Politics Architect
6 Mar 2014 Not Afraid of Noise: Mexico City Stories Design Observer
20 Feb 2014 "How can you learn about the world in spaces without character?" Dezeen
11 Feb 2014 Premature Demolition Design Observer
1 Feb 2014 Criticism = Love Design Observer
14 Jan 2014 Playing With Design: Fredun Shapur Design Observer
7 Jan 2014 "It's easy to make fun of Bjarke Ingels on Instagram" Dezeen
30 Dec 2013 Year of the Women Design Observer
28 Dec 2013 L.A. Loves Deborah Sussman Design Observer
20 Dec 2013 Art On Campus Cite
6 Dec 2013 Lunch with the Critics: Fourth-Annual Year-End Awards Design Observer
3 Dec 2013 Designing 'Catching Fire's' Retro-Dystopian Future The Atlantic
13 Nov 2013 What 'The Circle' Gets Wrong About Silicon Valley Medium
31 Oct 2013 Demolition of Prentice Womens Hospital by Bertrand Goldberg and Penn Station Architect magazine
21 Oct 2013 Where We Work Design Observer
16 Oct 2013 Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer, Freelancer Design Observer
16 Oct 2013 MoMA's Modern Women Design Observer
24 Sep 2013 Learning New Tricks Design Observer
16 Sep 2013 Kickstarter Urbanism: Why Building a Park Takes More Than Crowdfunding Gizmodo
30 Aug 2013 A World of Paste and Paper Design Observer
1 Aug 2013 Architecture's Lean In Moment Metropolis
23 Jul 2013 Nevermind the Masterpiece Design Observer
8 Jul 2013 How To Unforget Design Observer
1 Jul 2013 Is Cake Art? Medium
26 Jun 2013 Light and Space and Curves Architect magazine
21 Jun 2013 Every Little Thing Design Observer
18 Jun 2013 Le Corbusier At Moma The New Yorker blog
10 Jun 2013 That Personal Touch Design Observer
4 Jun 2013 Praise the Partner(s) Design Observer
3 Jun 2013 Home Improvement Design Observer
29 May 2013 Why Wooden Toys? The New Yorker blog
28 May 2013 The Fork and the World: Design 101 Design Observer
18 May 2013 Dream Weaver Design Observer
14 May 2013 Anxiety, Culture and Commerce Design Observer
13 May 2013 Donald Judd's House The New Yorker blog
1 May 2013 Just Sew It Medium
24 Apr 2013 Beyond Gorgeous Design Observer
18 Apr 2013 At Age 14, No Stranger to a Steal The New York Times
18 Apr 2013 Architecture Without Signs Design Observer
15 Apr 2013 Dreams Built and Broken: On Ada Louise Huxtable The Nation
9 Apr 2013 What It Costs (to Buy a Bench, to Extend a Curb) Design Observer
4 Apr 2013 How To Make A Great Kids’ App The New Yorker blog
3 Apr 2013 Portlandia + Timelessness Design Observer
1 Apr 2013 A Sustainable Brownstone Transformation In Brooklyn Dwell
18 Mar 2013 Instagramming Around Australia Design Observer
7 Mar 2013 After the Museum: The Tumblr Design Observer
4 Mar 2013 Plain or Fancy? The New Yorker blog
25 Feb 2013 Founding Mother: Mariana Van Rensselaer and the Rise of Criticism Design Observer
17 Feb 2013 Patterns of Houston Design Observer
4 Feb 2013 Why Bernadette Fox Is Scary Design Observer
21 Jan 2013 It’s Toasted: Modernity and “Downton Abbey” The New Yorker blog
21 Jan 2013 Balthazar Korab, RIP Design Observer
8 Jan 2013 Kicked A Building Lately? Design Observer
7 Jan 2013 George Nelson in Two Dimensions Design Observer
19 Dec 2012 Bad Taste True Confessions: Erté Design Observer
10 Dec 2012 Lunch With The Critics: Third-Annual Year-End Awards Design Observer
3 Dec 2012 Reintroducing the Tilletts Design Observer
29 Nov 2012 Consider The Fork, Very Carefully The New Yorker blog
27 Nov 2012 'Wreck-It Ralph' Is a Sweet, Animated Tale About ... Urban Planning? The Atlantic
21 Nov 2012 3rd Annual Holiday Card Review Design Observer
15 Nov 2012 A Wide-Angle Lens on the Midcentury American Home The New York Times
13 Nov 2012 Knolling Your Polling Place Design Observer
7 Nov 2012 “I Have Seen the Future”: Designer as Showman Design Observer
1 Nov 2012 Innovator: Johnston Marklee Architectural Digest
25 Oct 2012 The Woman Who Invented the Kitchen Slate
15 Oct 2012 Silicon Island The New Yorker blog
14 Oct 2012 Shopping With Sandro, and Other Tumblr Delights Design Observer
6 Oct 2012 Fear of Fun: A History of Modernist Design for Children The Los Angeles Review of Books
5 Oct 2012 Having Fun at the Museum Design Observer
4 Oct 2012 Home Sweet Architectural Masterpiece The New York Times
27 Sep 2012 Let's Talk About Women in Architecture Design Observer
22 Sep 2012 Just Keep Typing Design Observer
19 Sep 2012 A Chair for All Seasons Domus
10 Sep 2012 Someone Else's Shangri La Design Observer
28 Aug 2012 Art Matters to Architecture Design Observer
21 Aug 2012 Critics Critical Criticism Design Observer
19 Aug 2012 What Comes Second: The Lesson of the Barclays Center The New Yorker blog
1 Aug 2012 DIY Magazines Domus
1 Aug 2012 Don’t Put A Bird On It: Saving “Craft” From Cuteness The New Yorker blog
1 Aug 2012 Girl Talk Dwell
28 Jul 2012 Hiking the Museum Design Observer
23 Jul 2012 Century of the Child The New York Times Magazine
11 Jul 2012 Obama's New Fonts Design Observer
6 Jul 2012 A Playground That Parents Won’t Come To Despise The New Yorker blog
29 Jun 2012 The Shape of Lunch Design Observer
22 Jun 2012 Designo Selects: An Interview with Murray Moss Design Miami
15 Jun 2012 The Charismatic Megafauna of Design Design Observer
12 Jun 2012 Pinterest: Fear of the “Female Ghetto” The New Yorker blog
9 Jun 2012 Introducing Strelka Press Design Observer
30 May 2012 Dress Your Family in Formica and Faux Bois Design Observer
23 May 2012 Edith Wharton's Houses The New Yorker blog
17 May 2012 The Well-Tempered Environment Design Observer
15 May 2012 Living in Lego City Print magazine
11 May 2012 The Mother of Us All Design Observer
2 May 2012 Against Kickstarter Urbanism Design Observer
1 May 2012 Piecing Together Los Angeles: An Esther McCoy Reader Architectural Record
23 Apr 2012 Fixing South Street Seaport: Is New Architecture Enough? Design Observer
17 Apr 2012 Carlo Scarpa, Quilter Design Observer
5 Apr 2012 Frank Lloyd Wright + Katniss Everdeen Design Observer
4 Apr 2012 Pedro E. Guerrero on Being Inspired by the Masters The New York Times
2 Apr 2012 Designing 'The Hunger Games' The Atlantic
26 Mar 2012 'Deco Japan' + Designing Women Design Observer
10 Mar 2012 City of Shoes: Is Urbanism Scalable? Design Observer
1 Mar 2012 How to Be an Architecture Critic Design Observer
22 Feb 2012 Reassembling the American Dream Design Observer
17 Feb 2012 Downton Abbey: Fell In Love With a House Design Observer
13 Feb 2012 Round Thermostats and Crystal Lanterns, Revisited Design Observer
4 Feb 2012 Want to Buy A Valentine? Design Observer
26 Jan 2012 Married at Moss Design Observer
17 Jan 2012 A Memorial to (Random Access) Memory Design Observer
5 Jan 2012 An Anatomy of Uncriticism Print magazine
3 Jan 2012 Design for Girls: Put A Heart On It Design Observer
22 Dec 2011 Girard the Magnificent Design Observer
14 Dec 2011 Reinventing the Thermostat Design Observer
7 Dec 2011 When Modernists Get Crafty Design Observer
5 Dec 2011 Lunch With The Critics: Second-Annual Year-End Awards Design Observer
1 Dec 2011 Cooking with the Eameses Design Observer
30 Nov 2011 What's Wrong with Today's Coffeemakers? A Design Debate Gourmet
22 Nov 2011 Decorating Brutalism: The Interiors of Kevin Roche Design Observer
16 Nov 2011 Cooking the Past: Mid-Century Modern Cookware for Thanksgiving Gourmet
16 Nov 2011 Who Are We Competing For? Design Observer
28 Oct 2011 Tell Me a Story, 'Urbanized' Design Observer
25 Oct 2011 Table Dressing New York Times Magazine
20 Oct 2011 Ceci n'est pas une reverie The Architects' Newspaper
19 Oct 2011 Interview: Architecture Research Office Design Observer
19 Oct 2011 TWA: Still Kicking Design Observer
12 Oct 2011 Should We Boycott the New Barnes? Design Observer
4 Oct 2011 What Makes Architecture Useful? Design Observer
3 Oct 2011 Lunch with the Critics: Supertall Design Observer
19 Sep 2011 What the Cooper-Hewitt Needs: More Design, Less Talk Design Observer
13 Sep 2011 Thinking in Tumblr Design Observer
6 Sep 2011 Stop That: Minimalist Posters Design Observer
31 Aug 2011 The Search for the Perfect Fork Gourmet
24 Aug 2011 Up From Zero, the Novel Design Observer
23 Aug 2011 “Why’s This So Good?” No. 9: Herbert Muschamp builds a metaphor Neiman Storyboard
18 Aug 2011 A Stitch in Time Design Observer
10 Aug 2011 Reading in Public Design Observer
5 Aug 2011 Welcome Back, Overbite Design Observer
29 Jul 2011 The Uses of Cranks Design Observer
22 Jul 2011 Jane Austen, Landscape Architect Design Observer
15 Jul 2011 Making Dieter Rams Design Observer
12 Jul 2011 Less but better The Architects' Newspaper
7 Jul 2011 Would You Like Words With That? Design Observer
28 Jun 2011 Welcome to the Hall of Femmes Design Observer
22 Jun 2011 Jane Austen, Architect? Design Observer
15 Jun 2011 Let's Go! World's Fairs of the 1930s Design Observer
11 Jun 2011 New Apple HQ, 1957 Design Observer
2 Jun 2011 Lunch with the Critics: Cronocaos Design Observer
1 Jun 2011 Going Back Outside (Again) Metropolis
1 Jun 2011 An Atlas of Possibility Design Observer
27 May 2011 Why Are Car Seats So Poorly Designed? GOOD
21 May 2011 Vicarious Thrifting, via Twitter Design Observer
12 May 2011 Manhattan Museum Musical Chairs Design Observer
4 May 2011 Science Gets Around to Architecture Design Observer
29 Apr 2011 In T: High Fiber Design Observer
27 Apr 2011 High Fiber New York Times Magazine
26 Apr 2011 The Only Thing There's Just Too Little Of Design Observer
22 Apr 2011 The Anti-Monograph Design Observer
19 Apr 2011 City Beautiful of Kazakhstan Design Observer
12 Apr 2011 All That Glitters (and Swoops) Design Observer
11 Apr 2011 Making the Modern House Home Design Observer
5 Apr 2011 Muddying the Waters Design Observer
18 Mar 2011 Bad Faith Towers Design Observer
7 Mar 2011 Reading Out Loud Design Observer
28 Feb 2011 Something Old, Something Green Design Observer
22 Feb 2011 ISO The Digital Sidewalk Critic Design Observer
21 Feb 2011 Neat Freaks Design Observer
17 Feb 2011 I Was an Unhappy Hipster Design Observer
9 Feb 2011 Whatever Happened to the Dinner Party? Gourmet
1 Feb 2011 The Moms Aren't Wrong: Why Planning for Children Would Make Cities Better for All GOOD
1 Feb 2011 The Moms Aren't Wrong Design Observer
27 Jan 2011 Objects Fall From the Sky Design Observer
17 Jan 2011 How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Eameses? Design Observer
12 Jan 2011 Bring Back Braids Design Observer
10 Jan 2011 Is No the Answer? Design Observer
3 Jan 2011 From the Cabat to the City Design Observer
23 Nov 2010 Sidewalk Sale New City Reader
5 Nov 2010 The Architecture of Food Gourmet
1 Nov 2010 The Opulent Modernism of Warren Platner Dwell
19 Oct 2010 Designing With Folk Art Design Observer
13 Sep 2010 If These Walls Could Talk The New York Times
27 Aug 2010 What’s Cooking in Kitchen Design? The New York Times
15 Aug 2010 When Shopping Was Sociable Design Observer
23 Jul 2010 Easier Living, by Design The New York Times
1 Jun 2010 Blue Sky Thinking Metropolis
10 May 2010 Good Design Is Aesthetic
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